Xanda Howe

Xanda Howe is probably one of the most lyrical and cinematic singer-songwriters to have emerged in the UK in recent years. Often likened to Kate Bush and Jewel, Xanda's music is moving, poetic, dramatic and contemporary in a timeless fashion.

Xanda Howe's debut album, 'And How' was released in June 2004 to critical acclaim. You can buy a copy of the album here on this site. Having just completed her live performance schedule, she is currently busy writing and recording her next album.

Xanda's second album promises to be a more acoustic and less 'produced' affair which showcases her maturing songwriting and singing talents.

Xanda's tracks are also available to purchase through iTunes and other legal download services. She is playlisted regularly on internet radio stations on the live365 network.  Click here to see the live365 stations playing her music.

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Xanda Howe's an interesting singer who might get a shot at the big time if she's in luck. Some of her material is reminiscent of Dido and other songs are more songwriterly.....[read more]


..sassy and lovely sounding..more imaginative than Dido...her growing maturity as a musician should be well worth following over the coming years.. [read more]


I adore this album and it has grown on me every time I listen...[read more]


With all the folk, jazz, country I've been hearing lately, "And How" is a real refreshing twist....[read more]



Singer-songwriter Xanda Howe's debut album And How (2004) received widespread critical acclaim and she is currently recording her second album Unresolved.

Despite sounding like the lyrics from that Human League song, 22 year old Xanda really was discovered while working as a waitress, but not in a cocktail bar.

Songphonic's boss Osman Kent was a regular diner at the restaurant where Xanda worked during college holidays and was persuaded to hear her demo.

Excited by what he heard, he invited her to record a demo at Songphonic's studio. That recording of Time (by Tom Waits) led to Xanda being offered a development contract and later found its way onto her debut album.

Xanda was mid-way through her degree at the time but deciding that the opportunity was too good to miss, she quit University of Bath to concentrate on writing, recording and gigging with her band full time.

Her musical influences include Joni Mitchell, Annie Lennox and George Michael. Born in South Africa, her family moved to the UK when she was 3 and settled in Surrey.

Xanda always wanted to be a performer and has been entertaining audiences from a very young age, singing, acting and playing sax and guitar. She is also a trained actress and an aerobics teacher.

Full of energy and girlish charm, she can't wait for her first world tour and dreams of owning a wardrobe full of Jimmy Choo shoes!